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Nocturnal lenses are unique contact lenses that take away your short sight while you sleep.  They do this by gently changing the shape of your eye in a controlled way.  All contact lenses, even dailies, change your eye in this way but Nocturnal Lenses are made to suit you precisely and enhance the effect in order to correct your eyesight, so that when you wake up you will take out your Nocturnal Lenses and have clear vision all day!

As a Nocturnal Lens wearer you will experience a freedom of lifestyle which is not possible with any other type of contact lenses, where dust, hay-fever, air-conditioning, dryness and many other factors can cause problems.


  • No contact lens related dryness during the day
  • Naturally good eyesight all day long
  • None of the risks related to laser surgery
  • Comparable cost to regular contact lenses
  • No need for spectacles
  • Easy prescription modification
  • Completely reversible process


The fitting of Nocturnal Lenses follows a similar procedure to conventional contact lenses.  Initially the eyes are examined to assess suitability, then the exact contours of the eye are mapped using a corneal topographer, so that individually tailored lenses can be produced.

The fitting and wearing schedule involves two further appointments, one the morning after lens wear commences, when clearer vision will already be experienced, and a further appointment a few days later to ensure that the user and the Optometrist are completely happy with the process, and if necessary adjustments can be made to the lenses at this stage.

Check-up appointments will be scheduled on a six-monthly basis as with any type of contact lenses.


These lenses are ideal for children as they allow parents to have control over lens care, and there is extensive research showing that for short-sighted children, where there is a family history of myopia, wearing Ortho-K actually helps reduce the amount of short-sightedness they take into adulthood.

For full details on suitability and costs involved contact us at info@harrisrundle.co.uk or call and speak to Alan or Lucy Rundle.

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