If you need a Corporate Eyecare scheme to cover all your employees’ eyecare needs, the Harris Rundle scheme can offer benefits for you and your employees.

By signing up to our Corporate Eyecare scheme you will be fulfilling your duty of care, and we will look after everything.  Under current Health and Safety law Employers are obliged to offer regular eye tests to employees who routinely use a VDU as part of their work.  Employers are also required to provide a basic pair of glasses if they are required specifically and exclusively for VDU use.

Under our Corporate Eyecare scheme we offer a full 40 minute eye-examination.  A comprehensive report will be issued and where necessary budget VDU glasses will be provided.  (Approximately 5% of employees require glasses solely for VDU use.)  The provision of glasses can be tailored to the Employer’s requirements, with the option to upgrade from basic frames within a pre-determined budget, or at the employee’s own expense.   All employees tested under the scheme will be offered a special discount, should they wish to avail of any other Harris Rundle products or services, and Friends and Family discounts and incentives.

For more information, or if you would like to receive a VDU Corporate Eyecare pack, contact us at info@harrisrundle.co.uk and we will tailor-make the perfect scheme for you and your employees.



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