We are able to carry out eye examinations on children technically from birth if there is a concern, but more commonly from approximately 3 years old.  We use age-appropriate methods to test your child's vision, and examine the health of their eyes.  Kids eye examinations are free through the NHS, and if your child requires glasses they will receive an NHS contribution which usually covers the cost of the lenses.

We recently installed our new kids ZOO, showcasing the HR kids collection.  We have a large range of free frames by Lazer Junior, but if you wish to spend a little more then check out the Young Wills and RayBan junior ranges.  We also have a range of kids sunglasses, available with or without prescription.

Bring your little monkeys to see Georgia, Greta and Gerald, our resident giraffes, who will do their best to assist you in making the perfect frame choice!

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