Picking the most appropriate lenses for you

An integral part of your new glasses, your lenses should suit your lifestyle too. If you're going to be using your new glasses for sport or activities that are likely to scratch the lenses, we can recommend lens types that will withstand the toughest of impacts!

Single vision lenses

  • Hardcoat to prevent scratching
  • Anti reflective coatings to reduce glare
  • High index plastic and glass lenses (complex prescriptions)
  • Polycarbonate lenses available (excellent for active kids!)
  • Photochromic lenses (reactive lenses)

Bifocal lenses

  • Lenses to correct both distance and close-up vision
  • Avoid the hassle of needing to carry 2 pairs of glasses

Varifocal lenses

  • All the advantages of a bifocal but without the visible line between the 2 parts
  • Offering great all round vision at all distances 
  • Standard economy-prices varifocal designs up to tailor-made premium lenses.

Occupational varifocal lenses

  • Perfect for the office environment, where clear focus at more than one distance is required.

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