Whether for summer sun, or winter sport, sunspecs are a must-have accessory for all of us. They are available everywhere , often at very low cost, but read on to find out that there’s a lot more to choosing sunglasses than just getting “the look”.

Before venturing out in any sunspecs, first make sure that they give full protection from those dangerous Ultra-violet rays which can cause cataract and irreparable damage to the retina. Lenses should be of “UV400” quality, at the very least. 

To be sure full protection, only buy sunglasses from a reputable supplier, as there are a lot of fakes out there! 

Many low-quality sunglasses provide only a dark cosmetic tint, without the all- important UV inhibiting coating. Wearing this type of lens is much more dangerous than wearing no sunglasses at all, because without sunglasses the eye has a natural pupil reflex which closes down to protect the inner eye from damaging rays.  Once any dark lens is put in front of the eye, the pupil opens, and UV light floods in, leaving the eye susceptible to serious potential damage.

At Harris Rundle Optometrists we have a large range of fashion and sport sunglasses, from budget to designer, and from standard to top of the range lenses, such as Maui Jim and Adidas.

Our professional staff can advise on fit and suitability, and offer a full aftercare service, so that you can obtain and maintain the perfect sunglasses for your lifestyle and optical needs.

We can also supply Ultra Violet protective coatings on all lenses, to eliminate harmful glare in all situations, including UV emissions from computers and all electronic screens.

For more information call in and see us!